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We will lend up to 55% of the current market value of your real estate regardless of your credit.

This program is not for owner occupied residential property.

Loan amounts are $50,000 up. First mortgages only.

It is for any type of property that is not an owner occupied residence.

We can lend on any type of residential property as long as it is not being used as the owners primary residence.

We can lend money using raw land as collateral up to 35% of the fair market value of the land.

Please note that if the property is a purchase, the Purchase Price will be used to value the property.

All our Hard Money Notes are written for two years.

Interest only payments of 1.5% per month,which is an 18% APR.

No Prepayment penalty after three months.

We never get up front money.

At closing we will take ten points(10%)as a closing fee.

We will not put the note on any credit bureau as long as the monthly payments are made on time.


Don 781 727 5870 9:am-5:pm EST 7 days a week.

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