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Hard Money Mortgages

"Hard money mortgage is a term which refers to mortgage
money that is borrowed at a high rate of interest.
Usually because the borrower has credit problems,
or is not a bankable borrower due to an unusually high amount of credit card debt, etc.
Sometimes it is because the borrower needs money faster than a bank will give it.

In every case there must be plenty of equity in a parcel of real estate to qualify for a hard money loan.

If you do not have
equity into your deal,
you are not going to get
an asset based Hard Money Mortgage,
an asset based second mortgage loan,
or an asset based, bad credit, mortgage loan!

The usual Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio on hard money mortgage is between 50-60% tops!
This means that if you have real estate with a Fair-Market-Value of $200,000;
you can borrow somewhere between $100,000 and $120,000 against
the real estate as a first mortgage.

Hard money mortgage rates, and second mortgage rates are always high:
between 11%-19% and there are always points!
The term varies from 1 year to 5 years. The Annual Percentage Rate APR is usually between 14%-21%!

The LTV on raw land and other non-income producing property is usually 25%.
On land development deals the LTV can be higher.
Credit rating is not too important in a hard money loan
unless the borrower is simply a chronic deadbeat who is always behind on all debt.

Real Estate appraisals are not important during the first year of ownership.
All mortgage loan decisions are made based on Purchase Price.

We have a bad credit mortgage program in which we will not enter the mortgage loan,
or second mortgage loan information with any credit bureau!
This will allow you to build up your credit rating fast!!

Hard Money does not mean that we supply the money and you supply the brains!

It means you supply real estate as collateral and we supply the mortgage loan, or bad credit mortgage loan!

In all 50 States we have many asset based Hard Money no-income verification,
no-credit check programs available for commercial real estate
of any type and for construction and land developement.
Our typical loan in these situations is 40-50% of the value of the real estate.
We do not place much emphasis on credit history or ability to make monthly payments!
Many Hard Money loans can be structured so that there are no monthly payments.
If your hard money deal makes economic sense,
and you have plenty of collateral; Let's Talk!

Here is what we don't want to hear:

(These examples are not meant to sound insulting. They are simply mentioned to save us both a lot of time and phone bill expense!)

(1) You bought a parcel of property last week for $10,000.
But you got a great deal because you're a genius
and the previous owner is an idiot!
The property is really worth $38,000,000!
And all you want to do is borrow a mere pittance of $400,000 against the property.

(2) Youre going to buy a distressed property for $5,000.
After you fix it up it will be worth $38,000,000.
You want a $400,000 mortgage loan against the anticipated selling price.

(3) You have a chance to buy an Absolute CANNOT MISS business!
The last 9 people who owned the business went bankrupt because they were all stupid!
Now all you need is a $400,000 mortgage loan and in a short period of time the business will be worth $38,000,000!

(4) You have an appraisal in your hand
that states that a piece of property is worth $38,000,000.
You can buy it for $400,000.
You want a $600,000 mortgage loan from us.
$400,000 to buy the property and $200,000 for loose change
to help with your living expenses until your ship comes in!

A Hard Money mortgage loan does not mean that we will lend you money,
even at a high interest rate,
if you do not have equity of your own into the deal.
If you have enough equity in your real estate
we don't care if you're the Town Drunk or your going to jail in the morning!
Chances are; you are going to get a hard money loan!

However, If you have no equity, and no substantial money to put into a deal,
you are simply not going to get a hard money mortgage loan!

We do not have any 100% finance programs!

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